Monday, February 28, 2005

A bunch of cartoonists walk into a room...

This past Saturday afternoon I hosted another meeting of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. We're a bunch of cartoonists/artists in the Philadelphia area (hence the name) who gather together at least once a month to sit around and draw, eat, ink, drink, draw some more and drink some more too. I like having the bunch at my place since my house is pretty suitable to house a group of degenerate cartoonists (at least for a couple hours.)

This month, beside the usual, we had a "Photoshoppin" afternoon". I was able to borrow a Mac G3, so along with my G4 and iMac we had three computers available to work on simultaneously. It was a successful afternoon, as we were able to pass on Photo Shop techniques, short cuts and special ways of working to each of us there. (and we were even able to get some web work in as well.) As the day wound down (and pizza and beer ran out) we popped in the Season One DVD of The Office. It was fun watching people who've never seen the show before. Everyone loved it (as I figured they would) and it was especially fun to watch people squirm, Grimmer even had to leave the room during one episode! David Brent can be hard to stomach-- which adds to the greatness of the show.

Before we broke up for the day we did briefly discuss current and upcoming projects that the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society will be involved with this year. On the heels of our Free Comic Book Day book we released last year, we have the first (of many?) of an Anthology Book that will be out in a few months. Here's a Jam drawing that will help make up the cover.

We'll also be appearing at some cons this year. Both the MOCCA show in New York this June and the SPX show in Bethesda this September are set as well for some local shows too. Beside the Anthology book mentioned above individual cartoonists will be selling their own books and projects as well.

For a sneak preview of my 5 page story from the Anthology, check out the background and pages here.

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