Friday, February 25, 2005

It's winter. And you know what happens in the winter...

Well, we "made it" through another snow storm around here.


It was no big deal, about 5-6 inches fell during the day yesterday, but if you listened to all the local weathermen and gauged the multitude of stampeding shoppers as they cleaned out the local grocery stores of milk, bread and kitty litter, you'd think that we just went through the second Ice Age!!!

Sure, last night's rush hour was a bitch, what with the snow still falling and the plows not getting a chance to clear most of the roads yesterday, but come on people! Just because you sunk your savings into the latest gas-guzzling SUV monstrosity doesn't make you invincible!
Your top heavy slab of metal will slide on the snow just like any other oversized vehicle.
But try getting that through the heads of the multitudes of ignorant, cell phone gabbing idiots as they weaved in and out of the traffic last night.

WAM!!!!! Not that I'd hope for injuries, but it did my heart good, as I chugged along in my little honda, to see a soccer mom and overweight insurance salesman trading insurance info while they stood by their damaged $UV's.

But beside all the panicky masses and stupid drivers, what REALLY burns me at this time of the year is when the chance of bad weather is called for, in late February, to hear a lifelong native of the north east to complain "It's going to snow? Aren't we done with that yet?"

People - it's winter, it's the north east.
It has snowed here when you were a child,
It has snowed here when you were a teen,
It has snowed here for years and years before you were born....


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