Tuesday, February 15, 2005

He can't possibly be enjoying this.

Tonight during a commercial break on The Simpsons was an ad for an upcoming Boat Show. Along with the usual rubbish they have at these shows, new models, new equipment, etc... was a film clip for a special guest, Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel.

Now I can see them booking some novel acts for these big sale shows, but come on, what's the deal with a water skiing squirrel? Did some marketing genius sit around one day and think "Yeah, I bet squirrels would love to water ski! Let's grab one of these nut gathering rodents, strap him on a pair of tiny skis and drag him around on a lake behind a speed boat. Squirrels were made for the water!"

What's next, Floppy the Parasailing Frog? Stewie the Sky Diving Skunk? Otto the Orgasming Octopus? (no wait a minute... I think that last one is a title of a movie. )

Sorry 'bout that.

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