Thursday, February 17, 2005

My All-Time Favorite Comic Book Cover

While checking in at the message board on the Captain Comics Message Boards (an excellent message board BTW) the subject of comic covers came up. It got me thinking, out of all of my 10,000 comic books (yes....I collect things) could I possibly pick one cover out of them all as my favorite?

It's said that the age of 11-12 is everyone's personal nostalgic touch stone, the point in your childhood when the cartoons were the best, music the best, candy and gum the best and of course, when you read the best comics. It's, of course, the advantage of looking back in the past when we tend to forget the lousy stuff and to over inflate the best.

In any event, if pressed to choose one cover, I pick this one Fantastic Four #116. I was around 10-11 years old and had been reading comics for a little over a year. The FF was the best for me, no other group of characters came close, especially The Thing. Nothing could make a day better then sitting down and reading the latest adventures of my favorite team.

This was the end of a multi-part story pitting the FF against the alien villain The Overmind. So powerful was The Overmind, that he was able to take over Reed's (Mr. Fantastic) mind and leave the team as a leaderless trio. So dire was their situation that they needed the aide of their nemesis, the ultimate despotic monarch, Dr. Doom!

I'm sure there are plenty of other covers in my collection that are more dynamic, better drawn or prettier to look at, but for me it's the memories this cover brings back that help make it my all time favorite.

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