Sunday, February 06, 2005

What, they couldn't afford costumes???

Well, unless you were in a cave or asleep, you probably saw at least a few minutes of tonight's Superbowl or at least the commercials.

Overall I thought the commercials were....meh.

So what about the Marvel/Visa ad:
Super Heroes always respond to the cry of a citizen in distress -- but they can take the night off in an ad for the Visa check card. In "Super Heroes," a woman cries for help after discovering someone has stolen her Visa check card. Marvel's Super Hero characters rush to her rescue but discover it's a false alarm: her Visa check card features security benefits that protect her from fraudulent charges. The Super Heroes then return to their work of assisting those who really need help. BBDO NY created the ad, which is running during the first half of the game. Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Storm, and Thor are featured in the commercial, along with a surprise guest visit -- a latecomer to the rescue.

The ad was ok, but..........................

Where did they dig up those cheap-ass costumes?? You'd probably get a more representative looking versions of the heroes from the actors they hire to open local malls or car washes!

In case you missed it, or any of the ads, you can watch them all here at the ifilm site.

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