Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Away go the pounds - Part 1

Among the goals I set for myself in '05, one is to lose a lot of the weight I've put on in the last year.
Due mostly to the long hours I was putting in at work (which dominoed to not working out and eating late) I ballooned from under 220lb. to *gulp* over 260lb.!!

Now no stupid diet (eating no carbs or eating all carbs or eating no fiber or eating all fiber glass or etc...)
is gonna do it. You got to excercise!! You can't (and shouldn't) avoid it.

So I started on Monday, January 3rd, and have worked out every day. (with the exception of the three days I had the flu). On Jan. 3rd I weighed in at 258lb. As of last night I'm at 243lb (and have even had to add an extra hole to the belt- which is always good).

Of course since it's the winter months, most of my workouts have been at the gym. Gold's Gym to be exact. Luckily it's not too packed and the weights, bikes and treadmills are pretty plentiful. Here's what I can't get though...

... there are 6 to 8 handicap parking spots right at the front of the building. I have no problem with that, though I don't expect to see too many wheelchair weightlifters at Gold's.
-But- every day that I go there, the parking spots are full - of non-handicap tagged cars. Now, of all the places in the world, why the hell would people working out at Gold's, park in at the close, handicap spots. Why? They can't walk an extra 5-6 feet to get to the gym where they'll be working out at anyway???!!!!

Reason #235 of why people are idiots.

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