Friday, February 11, 2005

More "LOST" DVD info

While searching through the net over lunch today, I came across some more info on the upcoming DVD release of LOST Season One .

(thanks to Michael Ausiello from "Ask Ausiello" - TV Guide): The LOST Season 1 DVD is coming out in early September, and I predict it'll be the biggest TV DVD of the year. Lost cocreator Damon Lindelof tells me that they have an "amazing amount" of extras planned, including "awesome commentaries," deleted scenes between Locke and Hurley, Sawyer and Charlie and Locke and young Walt; footage of the Boeing 747 being cut up in the Mojave Desert and transported via barge to Hawaii; and a look at what went into making the original polar bear sequence. But here's the best part: Lindelof says he and J.J. Abrams are considering making an original mini-movie that "answers one of the questions we've been asked very frequently about the show but have made no attempt to answer so far. It has something to do with why the plane may have crashed." Like me, the exec thinks "the DVD is gonna sell really well with or without [the bonus material], but I wanna be sure the fans are rewarded for their $39.95 or whatever Disney is charging them for a show they've already seen." Only $39.95?!?!?! I'll take two!

We know there's been significant footage shot for the DVDs, including footage shot before the cameras began rolling on the pilot. Hopefully Buena Vista will put together a killer SEVEN disc set for the series, since six discs just won't cut it in our minds. They have the opportunity to put together a killer DVD set for one of the hottest shows this season.

Sounds good to me :)

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