Friday, April 08, 2005

Fresh Pretzels! Week Four

Do too a glitch with my Dreamweaver software I couldn't upload the latest installment of Fresh Pretzels! on it's regular Thursday posting yesterday.

But, it's now fixed, sooooooo....

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another visit to Fishtown, Pennsylvania with Jeff Kilpatrick's weekly dose of Fresh Pretzels! (click on the link to see this week's strip).
You can start from the begining here.

Happy Birthday! (4/8/05)

Take away his mediocre follow-up albums and his stint as co-host for the dreadful Solid Gold TV show and forget even that his voice and looks were too closely similar to his infamous father, his debut album Valotte wasn't all that bad.

So here's to the guy who inspired "Hey Jude", Happy Birthday to.....

John & Cynthia's only son is 42 today.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

In poor taste or just damn funny?

I drew this one panel cartoon over six years ago and put it in an issue of Bastard Tales. I forgot about it until the recent events.

Back from the dead!

Yes, I'm back from a mini break of online stuff and blogging. Besides my daily work load at Concord Confections I needed to spend a lot of time working on pages for issue #1 of Action Figure, The Life and Times of Richard Marzelak. Due to some recent rewriting I decided to expand the page count from 24 to 32. So not only wasn't I done with the 24 pages yet, but now I had the additional 8.

I've been happy with the recent work and if I could just pick up a little more speed with the pencils, inks, lettering and colors I could still have a final printed book by the MOCCA Show.

Here are a few panels from issue #1:

Happy Birthday! (4/7/05)

He's always played the cool character, whether it was as the poker playing cowboy on Maverick, or the scrounger in The Great Escape or laid back lawman in Support Your Local Sherrif.

A "private eye" Happy Birthday to.....

James Rockford is 77 today.