Friday, February 04, 2005

The new James Bond?


Rumors have been swirling about, of who will be the new James Bond. Since Pierce Brosnan has been officially fired, recent speculation that a couple Wolverines' could be the latest super spy. Both Hugh Jackman (the current big screen Wolverine) and Dougray Scott (the original choice for Wolvie) were first discussed. But recently, the odds on favorite has been Clive Owen (star of Croupier and most recently Closer).

What has been officially announced though, is the title for the 21st Bond feature.
Casino Royale.

Yep, Ian Fleming's first Bond book will be the latest film. As everyone knows, Casino Royale was originally made in 1967 by John Houston, as more of a spoof than a "true" Bond flick. It starred David Niven as James Bond with Peter Sellers and Woody Allen as various Bond relations.

So the latest film will be another remake. Hopefully it'll be better than that mess that was Never Say Never.

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