Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Kolchak without McGavin??

Say it ain't so ABC!!!
Unfortunately it looks that way. Carl Kolchak, one of the best TV characters ever created, thanks in large part by actor Darren McGavin, will be returning to the small screen. The networks are leaking out info on a lot of their fall pilots and one is ABC's planned remake of Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

As for other shows we can either look forward to (or avoid like the plague) here's a list of some of the proposed series':

The Commuters: A CBS pilot about three couples in suburban New York, where secrets are revealed aboard the 7:40 train. (hmmmm can anyone say Desperate Housewives?)

Prison Break: A FOX series about a man who breaks into jail to get his brother out. (how many weeks can this last?)

Fathom:(NBC) A twisty mystery about a weird sea creature's effect on a San Diego family, the Navy and some fisherman. (hmmmm can anyone say Lost?)

Reunion:(FOX) This show follows six friends from high school graduation to their 20th reunion, as characters age one year in each episode. ( One year per episode... so they're be ready for retirement by the end of the second season?)

Love Monkey:(CBS) The dating and marriage foibles of four male friends. (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....)

Ticket to Ride:(FOX) Follows the lives of 20-odd acquaintances who share a huge lottery jackpot. (So now they're naming TV shows after Beatles songs. How soon to the weekly exploits of "I Am the Walrus"?)

The Prince:(WB) A soap about a rich family after the death of it's favorite son. (I think I'll wait for "The King".)

Triangle:(UPN) A doctor stays in the Caribbean after his wife disappears on their honeymoon. (Wait... UPN is still on the air?)

There are a number of other shows fighting to get picked, but these are the ones in the lead.
With a lineup like that, guess I better keep buying the DVD collections of classic old shows.

Now, how much is the X-Files Season 2 & 3 sets again?........

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