Monday, February 14, 2005

The Big Book of British Smiles

Instead of eating lunch today I had to drive over to my Dentist and have my semi-annual teeth cleaning.
All-in-all the experience isn't too bad. Somehow I've been able to avoid any problems with my teeth (and gums) so the twice a year cleaning is a small price to pay from avoiding a "painful" visit.

The only discomfort I have at these cleaning visits, is... the chair. No, It's not that the chair I sit in while having my teeth scraped, flossed and polished, itself is the problem, it's what it faces.

Smack-dab in the wall I face are plastered with picture after picture of horrible teeth!!!! Actual photos of rotted, gapped, infested, green hued teeth!!!! I'm actually glad that I missed lunch today, or it may have ended up spewed on this wall of rotted enamel!!

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