Friday, February 18, 2005

Do you know who you are?

I had to go to the Post Office to mail a few packages the other day. Of course when I got there I had to join a long, lengthy, slooowly moving line. (I have no idea why they have three teller slots, they never have more than two tellers working at one time.)

So, as I stood in this crawling line, evading a pair of kids running ram-pet around the lobby (god knows where their parents were) I watched the various customers in front of me.

Let's see... there's the guy who bought 10 stamps - and paid with a credit card (yeah, it's real hard to actually have $4 in cash) the woman who paid with a check - but hadn't bothered to have any of the check filled out (what, she forgot that she'd actually have to pay for the services?) or the guy who had to ask about every possible way to ship his package, priority, first class, etc... and then said "Eh, it doesn't matter, send it the cheapest" (what, you couldn't say that at the beginning???)

But my favorite was the plump, flustered looking woman. She was buying something or using a service - that required having a photo ID. When the teller asked her for an ID, her answer was:
"I left it at home."

Excuse me???

You left your ID at home?????

Think about this for a second. Of all the places on the planet, hell, in the universe, where's the one place that you don't need an ID, the one place that you have a 99.9% chance that everyone there knows who you are - YOUR HOME!!!!

Why the hell would you leave it there? Especially when you have to go to a government place (Post Office) and purchase something that would need proof of who you are!!!!!!!!

As I'm standing there listening to this pathetic woman trying to weasel this service without an ID, and as those annoying brats continue to run roughshod, and the line I'm in screeched to a halt, --

I begin to comprehend the concept of going postal.

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Anonymous said...

"Ram-pet", Gracie?