Monday, February 07, 2005

Catching' up with Lost.

I figured it out the other day, that of all the Network weekly TV shows, there are only 12 that I watch each week and for the most part if I miss an episode of ten of those shows I know that I can always catch it on a rerun. But for two of them, 24 and Lost, I know that if I miss a week's episode I could fall behind, because of the intricate nature of the story lines.

Throwing a monkey wrench in that, Wednesday night's is my volleyball night, so in order to watch Lost I'm at the mercy of my VCR. (yes that's right, I don't own TIVO)

Through the fall I was doing OK, taping on Wednesday and watching it on Thursday. Until the 10th episode ("Raised by Another") I either missed taping it, or taped over it by accident. Either way I didn't see it. So for the last few months I've still continued taping the show but had to keep away from any news (newspaper, magazine and internet) of the show until ABC deemed to rerun it. This Wednesday, they did.

So, this past weekend was a "Lost weekend" for me. (sorry about the pun, unless of course you've never heard about Ray Milland's Oscar winning performance in the alcoholic tragic film, Lost Weekend)

I sat through the last five episodes. Since it's been awhile that I've watched Lost, it was fun getting caught up in the story again. Unlike some complaints that I've read online, I really like the long, leisurely pace they're taking in revealing the secrets of the island.

The monster? The secret behind Danielle Rousseau and her group? The real reason why these certain people have survived? I can wait. Hey, with a lot of the crap the networks have been flinging at the viewing public over the years, I can appreciate a show that takes their time, allowing the story to unfold. The only danger I can see with this though, the longer they take, the more disappointed some viewers will be with the big reveal.

In a recent TV Guide article cocreator J.J. Abrams was quoted "Someone will definitely die by the end of the season." (of the 14 main characters)

So with about 9 more episodes to go, who'll it be?
Well, of the 14 main characters, my guess at who it won't be are Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Locke and Charlie. These six seem to be the most popular and central. Hurley's the comic relief, so he's safe and Claire with her (devil?) baby seem secure, so that leaves us six more.

I think Sun and Jin are safe. Having the non english speaking characters (well, with Sun for the most part) give a nice twist. Walt as the only child, and with (perhaps) some latent powers, will stay. Along with Walt then, I believe that his dad Michael's a sure bet to stick, so that narrows it down to these two.
Boone and Shannon.

Revealing that these siblings had a sexual relationship was daring (though having them as only step-siblings I thought was gutless) and having Boone now becoming Locke's sidekick has given his character some depth, so the character who I believe will die is..........

Boone! Sure, Shannon seems like the "logical" character to go, her knowledge of french and a starting(?) relationship with Sayid notwithstanding, but my gut tells me that Boone will be the one to die.

If I'm right, you heard it here first, if I'm wrong.......nevermind.

Finally, I just read some good news about Lost's upcoming DVD release. Looks to be this this September.

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