Thursday, February 03, 2005

What's all this hoo-ha over Million Dollar Baby?

One of the great things about going to a movie (or for that matter reading a novel, watching a TV show) is not knowing all the details of the film. To allow the story to unfold and take you somewhere that you may not have suspected.

Or what I'm really saying is "Don't tell people how a movie's going to end!!!"

Unfortunately, certain pin-heads like Michael Medved and Rush Limbaugh are doing just that.
These windbags who have no known talent, with the exception of getting their opinions in the face of the public, are going about pontificating on the "political agenda" about this film. And in doing so describing all the details in the film.

I guess the notion that fictional characters can't just act a certain way because, well that's how those characters would act. No, suddenly every action on the screen must have some super-secret political motivation behind it.

If you've seen Million Dollar Baby then I would suggest reading these excellent articles by Jim Emerson and Roger Ebert (but only if you've seen the film).

If you haven't yet seen the film and are thinking of seeing it, then I would suggest walking around with your hands over your ears shouting "I'm not listening" before bone brains like Medved and Limbaugh ruin it for you.

Here's a thought for all these groups that are up in arms, why not just let the public see the film and make up their own minds.

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AP3 said...

I totally agree. And it's a great movie, too.