Thursday, February 03, 2005

A truly lame gift.

It's that time of the year again. Having made it through Groundhog Day, the next holiday that will be thrusting itself in our face, is that lamest of all holiday's- Valentine's Day.

So of course as the day nears we'll be hit with "gift idea" commercials on TV and the radio, along with the overpriced crap that most men will be guilted into buying. The two most "popular gifts" that are currently being touted on the radio are Vermont Teddy Bears (nothing says "I Love You" then a teddy bear dressed in lingerie) and perhaps the biggest waste of money, Name A Star from the International Star Registry

OK, let me get this straight, for $54 I can name a star after someone. Throughout this never ending universe, among the millions and millions of stars, this one particular star will be named after your loved one.


And this is legit??? What's worse, someone would actually be impressed that you spent $54 so that some guy, some where, would pick out this particular dot in the vastness of space and name it only for you.


I'm thinking of starting up a Name A Blade of Grass after someone. That's right, just send me $54 and I'll name a Blade of Grass from my front yard after your friends or loved ones. And what the hell, I'll do Name a Star one better, I'll actually send you the blade of grass!

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