Friday, January 14, 2005

An "Action Figure" 5 page story.

As many of you may know - (or maybe don't know) I'm a member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society (which is just a fancy name for a group of Cartoonists' in the Philadelphia area).
Besides all of us having successful Art-day jobs, we also find time in our "free hours" to produce and publish our cartoon work in newspapers, magazines and comics.

Late last year during one of our monthly get togethers, we decided to publish an anthology book, showcasing each member's work in a five page short story. As of today the work is being collected and prepping for the printers.

As all this is going on, along with my day job as Creative Director for Concord Confections (a division of Tootsie Roll Industries), I've also been hard at work on a new comic series. Unlike my last book, Bastard Tales, this is a (sort of) an auto-biographical comic, mixing drama and humor.

It's called Action Figure; The Life and Times of Richard Marzelak, a series loosely based on my days at Hasbro Industries and Hallmark Cards.

As sort of a form of "batting practice", to use a baseball metaphor, I've worked up a couple of 4 and 5 page short stories featuring Richard Marzelak from Action Figure, filling in the time before the publishing of issue #1.

The first story was printed in the Baboon Books Free Comic Book title, A Bunch of Baboons. I submitted the second story for the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's Anthology. Unfortunately the Anthology had to be printed in Black & White and since Action Figure issues are in Black & White & Red, I had to substitute grey for the book.

But on the net, color doesn't cost a thing!

So without further ado, follow this link to read the 5 page story, "Create".

Let me know what you think!

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