Sunday, January 09, 2005

Is this anyway to run a Pro Sports League?

(and no, I'm not talking about the NHL...... though I probably should)

I don't and never have considered the Major Indoor Soccer League to be a "real" Pro Sports League, but since the town I live in has a team there's an occasional story about the MISL in the paper.

In Saturday's paper, in a small blurb of an article, they mentioned offhandedly that one team suspended operations (San Diego) and the league decided to discontinue in Monterrey. Wait....... they had a team in Monterrery???? What they couldn't find a larger town than Monterrey???

This Pro League, barely a quarter way through their season, drop two clubs going from 9 to 7 teams in one fell swoop (and it wasn't like this was a mammoth group of franchises to begin with.)

I'm sure that the MISL will never get nearly as popular as the four main Pro Leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL), let alone even other second tier leagues like Arena Football, but you aren't going to do much growing if you're letting teams quit.

What's next MISL are you going to suspend an entire season??? You're not that dumb are you?? You'd never have a chance of survival if you do something RIDICULOUS like...........

um...... calling the NHL.........

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