Friday, January 21, 2005

Why I haven't blogged in the last few days...

After a cool 5 year streak of having no colds or taken a sick day, -it finally caught up to me this week.

POW!! I was hit by the flu!!!

It started creeping in on me this past weekend, and took full grip on Monday night. Somehow, I made it into work on Tuesday, sitting at my desk most of the day in a delirious fever. Left early and got home after 3PM. I then proceeded to sleep the next 14 hours (taking a break at 10 to try and eat a bowl full of chicken soup.) The next day (again, somehow making it into work) felt the fever burn off around 10 that morning!

The good news: With the exception of an occasional cough, the remnants of the flu are just about gone.

The bad news: It's put me behind in my work and have not allowed me to work out at the gym in the last three days.

The good news: Well, since I've had no appetite in the last three days I sure and hell haven't gained any weight!

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