Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'd like to slap them silly.

I finally got my Incredibles poster in the mail the other day. So today at lunch I drove over to the framing place that dry mounts and frames with metal & glass for a decent price, and they get it done in a day!

As I unroll the poster, so the framing guy can take measurements, he says:

Framing Guy: " The Incredibles . Did you see this movie?"

(Ok- I guess someone can buy and then frame a movie poster- without seeing the movie.
I guess) so I say:

ME: "Yeah, I saw it. It was very good."

Framing Guy: "Oh. I guess you have to see those movies with the kids".

ME: "I don't have any kids".

Framing Guy: (with a stunned look) "Really? I never thought that if anyone didn't have to - that they would go see one of those movies."


I gritted my teeth and held back my standard tirade. You know the one, where just because a movie is animated, it doesn't mean it's just for kids. Just because something is drawn, not live action, that there's a law on the books that states:

"This form of entertainment, being animated and with a cartoon look can ONLY be enjoyed by someone under the age of 10. Anyone over this age can only see these films if in the company of their own child."

Yes, there are people out there who actually think that!!!

Therefore, I believe, that as of this day forward, we as free people have the right to slap anyone who makes such an absurd statement.

We'll all be the better for it.

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Tim said...

Maybe the jackass will buy Fritz the Cat for his kids.