Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Will Eisner (1917-2005)

Just heard the sad news.

Will Eisner, one of the greatest comic artists of all time, passed away today at the age of 87 following quadruple bypass heart surgery.

He'll probably be best known as the creator of the 1940's hero The Spirt as well as defining the art of cartooning as sequential art. He gave the comic profession a dignity that helped to make it more than just a job.

His style and his talent were incredible. Each issue of the Spirit was like watching a film, marrying panels and word balloons that told more in a scant 8 pages than most pros could tell in 24.

Mr. Eisner was one of the master storytellers of the 20th Century.

I had the honor to meet him, albeit briefly several years ago at a San Diego Comic Convention.

He'll be missed but his artwork will live forever.

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Jeff Kilpatrick said...

That is some tough news. My favorite Eisner stuff started with "A Contract with God". I love the New York Book, Dropsie Avenue, those books. Comics about the lives of ordinary people - those are the works that are the most touching to me. The fact that he'd dedicate that kind of attention to real life people, the attention that most folks in the industry only devote to fantasy...that floors me.

I'll miss WIll Eisner. He's awesome. Thank God he left so much behind for us to learn from.