Monday, January 17, 2005

Comic Reviews

(From books bought 1/12/05)

The Incredible Hulk #77 - I haven't read an issue of the Hulk in years. What made me pick this one up? First the return of writer Peter David who had a great run on this title in the '90s and artwork by Lee Weeks and Tom Palmer. Beautiful stuff!!!

This issue, part 1 of a 6, is just a set up for the story, which takes the Hulk through the ocean and ending up on Monster Island. Though not much happens, story-wise, the work by Weeks & Palmer is worth the price alone.
Four **** out of Five.

Concrete The Human Dilemma #1 - Paul Chadwick and Concrete are back!!! Great news. One of the standout B&W series from the '80s about a man trapped in an alien body made of stone allowed Chadwick to tell a vast array of stories centering on the human condition.

This issue is the first part of a 6 part mini series. Concrete has been contacted by a large corporation to help them sell the concept that would stem the population explosion. Like previous Concrete series this looks to be another story that will touch upon mature, life changing situations and I for one will go along for the ride.
3.5 out of 5

Spider-Girl #82 - Is one of those rare comics these days that is just a plain fun super hero series. This issue, part 1 of a three parter finds Spider-Girl (the daughter of the original web-slinger) in the middle of a fight between two of her most fiercest foes (Fury, the Goblin Queen and a new version of Venom) and a mysterious avenger known as Darkdevil.

Spider-Girl is the type of book that harkens back to the Silver-Age books of Marvel, and in these days of an overabundance of grim, gritty characters and books, there ain't nothing wrong with that.
3.5 out of 5

Captain America #2 - So far this relaunch is a winner. Ed Brubaker's really knows how to handle Cap/Steve Rogers. The man out of time, haunted by his past, and Epting's art has never looked better, some gorgeous work here (though the coloring is at times too muddy and dark).

Last issue ended with the (supposed) death of Cap's arch foe, the Red Skull. Now Cap, Sharon, Nick Fury and SHIELD must find out why he was in New York to begin with and what his plan was. Mix in AIM, the Cosmic Cube and a certain masked Red Skull henchman, I'm anxiously interested to see where this story goes.
4 out of 5

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