Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The squirrels outside my window...

They're baaack!

Outside the windows of my office at work are shrubs and trees, and amongst all that vegetation are a plethora of small woodland creatures.

About a month ago, for the hell of it, I tossed out some old, dried out bread.
A few squirrels ventured out and scarfed up the food. That night I bought a bag of "Woodland Buffet". The picture on the bag had deer, squirrels, chipmunks and birds all eating together in harmony.

HA! Fat chance.
After a few days of scattering out the mixture of peanuts, corn, sun flower seeds (and god knows what else) these ravinous bastards have come vaulting out, trampling over each other to get a bite.

I was away from the office over the Christmas holiday, but since I returned on Monday and resumed the daily feed the usual suspects have come back for their daily free lunch.

The main bunch are a trio of sqirrels.
The fat one seems to be the "Alpha Squirrel" and the others scatter when she arrives.
Another one, a little thinner, I assume is the husband. He usually feeds after the tubby missus.
And finally, an even thinner one with a short ratty tail, I say is the child. He'll eat the remnants and is probably the most spastic of the three (imagine Don Knotts as a squirrel). When any squirrel battle begins (and there've been plenty) he usually leaps a couple feet in the air, clinging to the screen on my window.

You can't beat cheap entertainment like this.....

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