Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Proof that I live in a safe neighborhood?

Or that no one's around during the day...

Every morning when I leave as I back down the driveway I "automatically" click the the garage door switch in my car to close it and will galnce up to make sure it closed.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I didn't glance up. So, when I finally got home after 7 PM last night, there it was, my garage door WIDE OPEN!

But---- nothing was touched. My bike still sat there, and even though the door connected to my house isn't locked (which would have given access to...anyone) nothing in my house was touched. In fact, sitting on my front porch was a large box from Amazon, so hell, even the postman could have burgled me! (perghaps getting back at me for not getting a Christmas tip.)

So mock all you wish about those of us who choose to live in the suburbs, but a safer place you may not find elsewhere!
...course I won't be leaving any other door open to further test that theory....

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