Sunday, January 30, 2005

Saw the film "Finding Neverland" on Saturday.

It's London in the early 1900's and play-write James M. Barrie befriends a widow and her four sons. Though married (in a loveless union with wife Mary) James's innocent relationship with Sylvia Davies and her four sons causes a local scandal, but most importantly inspires Barrie to write Peter Pan.

Finding Neverland is an excellent story and enjoyable film. Once again Johnny Depp puts in his usual great performance. His choice of roles and projects are often daring, but whether portraying a horrible film director (Ed Wood) swashbuckling Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean) or a man with scissors for hands (Edward Scissorhands) he has a range that few of his contemporaries can match.

Along with Depp we have another fine performance by Kate Winslet (to go along with her Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in '04), the return of Julie Christie and a funny cameo by Dustin Hoffman. (not to mention the four young actors who portray the Davies boys.)

The film both touching and tragic helps us see into the imagination of a talented writer and what inspired him to pen a classic that is still relevant to this day.

The Academy got it right when they nominated this for Best Picture.

I give Finding Neverland a (never grow up):

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