Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm a very sick man.

It seems that when I pick up my mail each day I'm inundated with requests from this group and that group to give them money. You know, "Save This" or "Feed That" or "Help Stop/Prevent the disease of the week". Most of the disease's or syndrome's I've never even heard of!

One "disease" or "affliction" I never see addressed is, -- what I've been stricken with for all these years. Yes, I've been a looooong time sufferer and have been since I was a child.

You see...............

I'm a collector.


You name it, I've probably collected it. Comic Books, Trading Cards, Sports Souvenirs, Posters, Albums, 45's, Cassettes, CD's, Action Figures, PVC's, Magazines, Paperback Books, Hardback Books,.... and that's all I can remember, for now. (Hell, if it's made of paper, I've collected it)

Don't know why, don't know how....... I just have that insatiable need.
Kind of like crack or cocaine, but without all the glamour.

Before the internet was invented (thanks Al!) those of us saddled with this disease had only our families or close friends to show off and bore with our collections.
"Hey, want to see my original Mint Condition run of Howard the Duck's?"
"Over here I have a pile of Beatles bootleg LP's"
"Wow, have you ever seen my collection of Thing action figures?"

Yeah, - all that stuff made me real popular.
Had to beat away the women.

Uh-huh..................................... (well, that's the way I choose to remember it)

What's that you say? You'd love to see my collections but you live too far away.
There's no need to fear!!!!!!
(Underdog is here???NO!!!!)
Starting today I've added links to several of my collections that I've begun posting on my web site (Baboon Books)

Lucky You.

So if you want to see either my DVD Collection or My Toy Collections, click on the link and enjoy the show! And more will join soon. (And pray to God every night that you have better things to waste your money on.)

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