Sunday, January 09, 2005

Saw the film "The Aviator" on Saturday.

There are few things in life that you can depend on.
Picking the slowest lane in traffic, Having a telemarketer call while eating dinner, and Martin Scorsese making great movies.

"The Aviator" follows the early years of the legendary eccentric multimillionaire, Howard Hughes (played very well by Leonardo DiCaprio).
Starting with the filming of his war epic "Hells Angels" in the late 1920's, through 1947 with his test flight of the "Hercules" (Spruce Goose).

What isn't to like about this film?
Following Hughes through his nights at early Hollywood nightclubs like the Cocoanut Grove, watching his fearless test flights in airplanes of his own design, his romances with legendary actresses Ava Gardner and Katherine Hepburn ( a knockout performance by Cate Blanchett!!!) his battle with congress and finally his slow, decent into his growing obsessive compulsions.

It's a long film (over 2 hours) but the story and performances are so good, the time (much like the airplanes in the film) just fly by.

Other notables in the film;

* Excellent score by Howard Shore (who's past credits include great works in "Ed Wood" and "Philadelphia" to name but a few)

* Some cool cameos to pick out.
Scorsese play's the Hells Angels projectionist.
And how about those Wainwrights'? Loudon Wainwright III (recording artist of the 70's novelty song "Dead Skunk") his daughter Martha Wainwright and her brother Rufus Wainwright (current recording artist, of songs like "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk) all play performers at the Cocoanut Grove.

In traditional Baboon fashion, I give "The Aviator" a high-flying:

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