Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!!!

With the Twilight Zone marathon (on the Sci-Fi channel) and various fireworks blasting outside my window, what better (sober) way of ringing in the new year then by starting a daily Blog page, for Baboon Books.
This way I can join all the other opininated, internet posters by uploading my daily crap!!!


2005_year_in_review said...

We had a double bill of Twilight Zone AND 3-Stooges on here for a lot of the evening. Eventually, migrated to the wildcards of the evening -- Regis Philbin (as Dick Clark) and Ryan Seacrest (as the hip Dick Clark.)

Ain't America Great!

Dave said...

Welcome to the comics blogging club, from all of us at YACB (where we like all kinds of monkeys, including Baboons!)