Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hungry for a Pretzel?

As an added feature here at The Baboon Bellows (and Baboon Books) I'll be posting more comics and cartoons, when time permits. To kick this off, starting this Thursday will be a weekly comic called Fresh Pretzels!.

Fresh Pretzels! is the new strip by fellow PCS (Philadelphia Cartoonist Society) member, talented artist and a damn good guy, Jeff Kilpatrick.
Jeff's the creator of the comic Petey and was featured in our Free Comic Book Day book last year with the four-page Wonderful story.

Jeff has a very unique style that sets it apart from most comic artists out there and brings a very real, street (for want of a better word) feel to his characters and stories.

I'm honored to be able to feature this series each week online and hope to collect it in book form after it's full year run.

So join me (and bring along some friends) each Thursday for your weekly "Pretzel".

And keep stopping by this old "Bellowing Blog" as I plan on featuring more free online comics in the future.

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