Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Exclusive Michael Jackson Court Room drawings!!!!

There's a lot of stories making the news these days that bring about a big "Who Cares!" from me.
Martha Stewart leaves her posh prison? Who Cares!
Paris Hilton..... does anything. Who Cares!
And now we're getting hit over the head with the Michael Jackson Trial. Ok, child molestation is a disgusting thing and if the "weird-one from Neverland" is guilty, hopefully he'll pay the full price of the crime, but do we really need re-en-actions on the E channel? Do we really need nightly footage of he and his posse walking into the courtroom?????
No, we don't.

But I did get a hold of these "exclusive" Michael Jackson courtroom drawings that I just had to share on the net.

You know, if Michael is found innocent and they haven't cast the villain for Spider-Man 3 yet ......

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