Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yes! The DVD is Incredible too!

Yeah I know, I know, everyone is using a similar description when talking about the film The Incredibles--so why should I be any different?

Picked up the double disk The Incredibles DVD set yesterday and it's a winner! I enjoyed the film as much last night, even though I saw the film three times in the theatre, watching the widescreen version on my home set. I haven't had a chance to watch it with commetaries yet, maybe this weekend.

The second disk is what makes this a must buy. Lots of extras and behind the scenes stuff. Here are some screen grabs from some of my favorite extras (of the ones I was able to get in last night- I mean, I did have to get some sleep.

* Jack Jack Attack *: Here'
s the much anticipated original short (that's just about 5 minutes long) that fills in the gap of what really happened with Jack Jack and his baby sitter Kari (she's a really funny character!) while the Incredibles were on the island. And even though I watched it several times I'm still not sure what Jack Jack's powers are. (BTW, nice little "nod" to Jonny Quest with the opening credits)

*Deleted Scenes *: With some DVD films the deleted scene section can usually be disappointing but I really like how they handled it here. Brad Bird describes the scenes in detail, including the tragic end of Snug, a nasty argument between Helen and Bob and the original beginning--which would have REALLY changed the film. The limited animation with the story boards showing these missing scenes are enhanced by using parts of the original music soundtrack. The pictures below are of Syndrome's appearance in this original opening.

*Mr. Incredible & Pals *:
This was a GREAT addition for this set! A "lost" cartoon that was made just before the superheroes had to go into hiding.

The cartoon is done in the style of the infamous 1960's (extremely limited) animated series Clutch Cargo.

You know, that addition would be enough--for most DVD sets. The folks here though go one step further by having a commetary section with Mr. Incredible and Frozone giving their opinions on this never before seen cartoon short. Frozone's comments on the way he's depicted is priceless!!!!

*Vowellett - An Essay by Sarah Vowell *:
This bit was totally unexpected (by me) and surprisingly entertaining. Sarah Vowell is the voice of Violet and - uh - a character herself. A young woman writer who's obsessed with Abraham Lincoln and helps her father make films about...cannons. Very strange and very funny.

I was going to end this piece with a link to Amazon so you can order your own copy, but there are plenty of good deals at places like Best Buy, Costco and Circut City where you can get it in person (and maybe even get a free gift.)

I feel a bit.... guilty though, just throwing heaps of praise here, I should be somewhat critical. Hmmmmmmmm..... well, the Incredi-Blunders section, of goof ups, are pretty lame and avoidable.

There! Who says I'm a shill for Pixar.

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