Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Film Trepidation?

Without a doubt my all time favorite comic book has always been The Fantastic Four. I talked about my favorite superheroes, including my favorite cover here. Any fan of the famous four though are anxiously awaiting the upcoming big budget film.

My opinion, after seeing the trailers is....undecided. Though I'm looking forward to seeing it this July, I like many others, are wondering if we haven't already seen the big screen version of The Fantastic Four (and no, I don't mean Roger Corman's 1993 low budget version, I mean the Oscar winning The Incredibles)Who's DVD comes out next Tuesday, BTW!!!! (I'll be there at Best Buy, March 15, bright and early buying my copy!)

What got me thinking about all of this today was a front page article in today's USA Today (read the online version here.)

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