Sunday, March 13, 2005

Get Lost -- this September.

As I mentioned last month, the Season One DVD of Lost (the best new show this season, BTW), is coming this September. Here's what the box will look like and (thanks to all the particulars of the set:

Buena Vista has confirmed that this will be a 6-DVD set with a price of $59.99 SRP in the USA, and CAN$87.99 in Canada. (USA) already is pre sellingthis for a mere $41.99 discounted price!

At least 5 hours worth of extras are supposed to be packed onto these discs, along with a couple dozen hour-long episodes, of course! Rumored to be among the supplements - Buena Vista hasn't made a final list available yet - are the following:

* The original pilot
* Behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the show
* Audio commentaries
* Blooper reel
* Roundtable discussions with cast and crew
* A Matthew Fox photography featurette
* Deleted scenes
* Casting tapes
* New, original "mini-movie" that reveals why the plane crashed


And while you're thinking of DVD's to buy, don't forget, in two short days is the release of -- Ta Da! The Incredibles!

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Mister Jinxy said...

I've been enjoying a rather high quality, blackmarket DVD of "The Incredibles" (that I picked up in a mall in Jakarta) for the past three months.

That movie rocks.