Sunday, June 26, 2005

Not so Adult, "Adult Swim".

I'm a fan of the late night programming on The Cartoon Network, the post 11:00 PM (EST) run of shows called Adult Swim. I prefer the odd humor cartoons they run (and I never watch those slew of anime they've been sticking on as of late), like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy and as I've mentioned months ago, the excellent Venture Brothers.

But I've got a bone to pick with the powers that run Adult Swim. Before most cartoons they show, they run a disclaimer, letting the viewer know that though these are animated shows, there could be scenes and language not suitable for young children.

Though if you're little tots are up after midnight watching cartoons shown on a series titled "Adult" Swim, I believe there's a thing called parenting that should factor in here.


Since I own all the Futurama episodes on DVD I rarely tune into Adult Swim when they run Matt Groening's great animated sci-fi / humor show. Why watch it with commercial interruptions, when I can simply pop in a disk?

The other night though, I happened to tune in when Adult Swim was running the Futurama episode, "Bender Gets Made" (Bender, the robot, joins the Robot Mobsters). Since I've seen this particular episode several times I knew what to expect in scenes and dialogue. I was SHOCKED, hell, even STUNNED when Professor Farnsworth was about to make a comment..... and he didn't!

His lips moved but nothing came out.

The Cartoon Network had censored an episode of Futurama!!! Here's a show that was shown on over air free network TV and run early in the evening on Sundays. Usually around 7:00 PM (EST). Now why in the hell, would a piece of dialogue that was suitable then, be so rudely taken off during a rerun that's shown late night on a cable series titled "Adult" Swim???!!!

This without a doubt, is another series of events of the stupidity of our government and the FCC sticking their asinine "Politically Correct" nose where it shouldn't be.

Oh, in case you were wondering, that "horrible" piece of dialogue that Professor Farnsworth uttered was "Sweet Zombie Jesus".

Oh yeah............ that's dangerous stuff.
Gee, thanks FCC.


Jim said...

"Sweet Zombie Jesus!" has Cafepress t-shirt written all over it.

Jacob said...

The FCC doesn't regulate cable.

Zombie_Tom said...

I'm surprised at the removal of the line, but I don't understand why you think it's "politically correct" motivated, or whatever. I know Zombie Jesus. He works at the Mexican restaurant down the block.