Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Longest Day of the Year

No, it's not that it feels like the longest day of the year because all I've heard in the news today is about that stupid Runaway Bride interview tonight, no, it's the actual Longest Day on the calendar year.

This morning in Wiltshire, England, hundreds of people went to stonehenge to watch the sunrise and welcome the beginning of summer. During this event, the sun shines on one famous stone - the Hell stone. For the Druids this is a very important moment of the year.

Today, June 21st, is also National Aboriginal Day. It's a day of celebration for the cultures of Inuit and Metis peoples.

So, in honor of this day, why not take a Druid or an Inuit to lunch.

Me, I'm finally going to see Batman Begins tonight.

It's not necessarily a way to celebrate the day, but what better way to take advantage of the extra daylight, then by sitting in a darkened theatre.

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