Friday, June 10, 2005

I'll be in New York City this weekend-well, maybe.

This weekend is the 4th annual Mocca Arts Fest 2005. It's one of the best comic and comic book shows that you'll ever attend. Called, "Best Small Press Nexus (Anywhere)", it's held at the Puck Building at 295 Lafayette Street in New York City.

There are panels and an incredible array of artists and writers that you won't find at your typical Comic Book Convention.

A few of us with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society have a table at the show and along with our personal books will be selling our brand new anthology.

Well, I might be there.

Next week in Chicago is the NCA (National Confections Association) show, the worlds largest candy and gum show. Of course my company has a booth there, in fact I have to fly out to spend a day there next Wednesday. Since this show is almost here and it's a huge event, we've had a rash of product and artwork requests. That, along with all the other projects we have to finish in the next few weeks has meant long days and even work taken home.

I was planning on joining fellow cartoonists Jeff Kilpatrick & Chris Patchell and head up to New York today, but work responsibilities have kept me here all day as well as tonight. I'm hoping to take a train tomorrow morning and spend all day Saturday at the show and either return that evening or stay over through Sunday.


IF I go to the show, expect a report here with lots of pictures.

IF I need to stay here in town finishing up work, expect a lot of coffee and little sleep.

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