Friday, June 24, 2005

14 Days until the FANTASTIC FOUR MOVIE!

Just a fortnight away!

And to get into the FF mood here's a classic story from one of the best runs a comic series, any comic series ever had. In the late 1960's Lee & Kirby were riding a huge creative high. In this run, roughly from issues #44 thru #47 Jack introduced a great new group of characters, known only as The Inhumans!

The mysterious race of beings that the Fantastic Four encountered consisted of the beautiful Medusa, she with the living hair, Gorgon, the man with the powerful hooves, Karnak, Judo master that could detect the weakness of any surface, the amphibious Triton, Lockjaw, the dog that could transverse dimensions, Crystal, master of the elements and the woman who steals Johnny Storm's heart and most daunting of them all, Black Bolt, the mute and powerful Monarch of the Inhumans homeland.

It was a story that never gave you a second to catch your breath! Starting right after Reed and Sue returned from their honeymoon, it began with an attack by the misunderstood android known as Dragon Man and ended with Black Bolt's insane brother, Maximus the Mad, gain his revenge over the Inhumans, while the Fantastic Four could only watch, unable to stop him.

Besides the great Kirby/Sinnott artwork, and that classic Lee dialogue, how about the titles of these issues:
#44 - "The Gentleman's Name is "Gorgon!" or What a way to spend a honeymoon!
#45 - "Among Us Hide.... The Inhumans!"
#46 - "Those Who Would Destroy Us!"
#47 - "Beware the Hidden Land!"
How could you not get excited to read stories like that?

One can only hope that in two weeks from today, that full length feature film can come close to matching those classic tales!

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