Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another type of reindeer game.

How to make a board game that's been around for well over 50 years still a hot item?
Reinvent it.
Reinvent it.
and Reinvent it.

Monopoly has been repackaged as so many different variations, that's hard to keep track of them. The game stays the same, you still buy property, houses & hotels, you still collect $200 for passing "Go", but now the games are themed.

From Movies to TV shows to Sporting events, nothing escapes the Monopoly brand. So far we've had The Simpsons Monopoly, Batman Monopoly, Nascar Nextel Cup Monopoly, Bass Fishing Lakes Monopoly, Pittsburgh Steelers Monopoly, The Lord Of The Rings Monopoly, Star Wars Saga Monopoly, Army Monopoly, Betty Boop Monopoly ... well you get the idea.
(and yes, these are all real games)

How much more obscure can Monopoly get? (and we here at the Baboon Bellows love obscure) how about basing the game off a nearly 40 year old Christmas TV Special?

Yep, just hitting the shelves is nowThe Collectors Edition Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Monopoly. Want to buy The Island of Misfit Toys and build a hotel on it? Will Rudolph have to pay Luxury Tax? Will Yukon Cornelius go to jail???

It's my belief that one day soon we'll have a Monopoly game based on all aspects of entertainment. So, I guess I'll hold out for The Collectors Edition Deep Throat Monopoly. Which could give a whole new meaning when you land on "Free Parking".

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