Monday, November 06, 2006

Those were the days!


Recently, with the lack of finding new and interesting comics and books to buy and read at the local comic shop (good god folks, enough with all the superhero titles already!!!) I've been either buying or digging into my collections of classic comic strip reprints. The new collections of Peanuts, Dick Tracy and Walt & Skeezix are great! But I also have collections I've bought from the 80's & 90's which includes L'il Abner, Wash Tubbs & Captain Easy and the one I'm currently reading, Milton Caniff's Steve Canyon.

The volume I'm reading now reprints strips from 1948. That's 1948 folks, nearly 60 years ago. Last night I came across this particular Sunday strip (reprinted in Black & White for this collection) and features a monologue with the character Fancy.

In the first panel (see above) she's lounging about in lingere. In panel two we see a nice, behind shot as she prepares to disrobe:

And in panel three she's taking a bath:

The drawings and inks look great, of course. This was Caniff at the height of his career. Are they titillating? Sure, but that's in the character's (Fancy) nature. Remember, this was in the Sunday paper, from big city to small town USA. And you know what? No one was traumatized. Children's minds weren't warped. The country didn't collapse.

Now, try to do something like this, in George W.'s USA??? Good god they'd string you up. (or maybe water board you)

Ah, those really were "Happy Days".

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Opposite Rich (L) said...

"Now, try to do something like this, in George W.'s USA??? Good god they'd string you up. (or maybe water board you)"

The president has absolutely nothing to do with this. Did you forget that most newspapers are run by flaming liberals?

Those old comics were published in a time when the country was far more conservative than it is today. Lousy contemporary comics are not the fault of conservatives.

Perhaps you need to examine political correctness (which is nothing more than the liberal moral code) and the lefty need to protect every "victim" in society. Let's face reality: libs are proving to be far more eager to censor than conservatives were.

I couldn't let this obvious error go by unchallenged. But I really do hope you're doing well.

All the best,