Friday, November 10, 2006

Comments & Theories over the trailer for Spider-Man 3

OK, by now I'm sure everyone has had a chance to see the new trailer for Spider-Man 3, right? Whether on TV last night or on the net. And the overwhelming consensus is, it of course looks great, but what about the story?

Well, right off we're told that the unnamed robber (who after seeing Spidey plunges to his death) isn't responsible for Uncle Ben's death.

Huh? The most powerful message from over 40 years of Spider-Man history is that he
LET escape the man who eventually killed his Uncle. That despite all his new powers he couldn't save Ben, that (wait for it) "With great power comes great responsibility".

But if what we're told in the trailer is true, Flint Marko (The Sandman) kills Ben to steal his car but when the bank robber (that Peter let go) flees the arena, steals the car and Marko hides in the trunk? That Marko is the man who killed Ben? So how is it now Pete's fault? Is Rami trying to say that BECAUSE Ben was waiting to pick up Pete at the library (where he wasn’t at) that Pete still has a reason to feel guilty over Ben’s death? Pretty lame reason to me.

If Rami wanted revenge as the origin of Venom and the basis of the film then why not say that Marko is responsible for the death of his parents? Sure, the death of Pete's parents had never been that important in the comics because Pete grew up with Aunt May and Uncle Ben as the ones who raised him, but maybe Rami could make it work. Moreso than tampering with a near perfect reason for a hero' s origin.

I checked some message boards and many fans had scanned the trailer over-and-over again, as if it were some modern day Zapruder Film. One of the posters saw this:
"I saw a truck flying towards the taxi cab, after MJ looks back the truck is almost about to hit her. So yea another near death experience for MJ, but maybe Peter might save her, we don't know yet."

That got me to think, perhaps in Spider-man 3 Rami MIGHT have MJ die giving Pete (who fails to save her) a new guilt, replacing his Ben guilt. This way they won’t need Dunst for the sequel (who's only signed for three films), Gwen could be his new love interest reversing the comic history where MJ took over for the dead Gwen.

The only way this theory doesn’t work is perhaps the actress who plays Gwen isn’t enough of “a name” for future films (though at this point they may not need one.)

Six more months of theories, rumors and more times to watch the trailer.............

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