Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lewis Black, wha' happened??!!

I like angry comics. Specifically the angry comic who through his antics and rage reveals the hypocrisy and lies of those in the government, organized religion and anyone who believes that they're better than you.

The list of the truly gifted and talented angry comics is short, but what a group!
• Lenny Bruce
• Bill Hicks
• Sam Kinison
and currently, Lewis Black.

(It just occurred to me that the first three comics on that list all died young. hmmmmm... coincidence?)

From his concerts, HBO specials and appearances on The Daily Show his spastic line deliveries and rants over the ridiculous, unjust and absurd are always worth watching.

BUT- recently I've noted a scary and sad change in his career.
Sure, he's still out there doing stand up and his Daily Show bits, but this year alone he's appeared in three movies, which doesn't seem to fit with his sense of humor.

Let me state up front, that I haven't seen any of these films, just the trailers (in fact, one hasn't been released yet)
but you can tell a lot about a film from the trailers these days.

The first film was Accepted.
A film that described itself as this generations' Animal House (they wish). In the film, Black has a small part and friends I've mine who've seen it says that his scenes are worth the price of admission. So OK, I'll give him a pass on that.

And I think I'll even give him a pass on his second film of '06, Man of the Year, the movie about the late-night political talk show host (Robin Williams) who decides to run for president-and wins!
It played in the theaters for a week, maybe two, and had nothing but tepid reviews, but I guess the opportunity to work with Williams and Director Barry Levison was too much to pass up.

No, the real tragedy here, and the one that could start his career on a downward, uncontrollable spin is.....Unaccompanied Minors!! I couldn't believe it when I saw him in the trailers! A group of spunky, unaccompanied kids are left behind and snowed in at a Chicago airport! (hey, where have I heard this plot before?)

A comedy, with child actors????? (isn't that an oxymoron?)

Lewis QUICK! Stop before it's too late!! I know it's a paycheck, but a movie with kids? What's next, Dinner Theatre?
Hosting a Game Show?

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Reel Fanatic said...

I always wondered if Lewis Black's anger was genuine or if he just shouted so loud because it was all schtick .. The movies seem to confirm the latter .. Bill Hicks, on the other hand, was the funniest man that ever lived