Sunday, November 05, 2006

My designs at K'NEX

One of my main jobs as Senior Designer at K'NEX is to work up and construct a new look for the packaging. The old look of K'NEX packages had the logo in a red oval and a large red band on the right hand side of the front of the front panel (yeah, they had a LOT of red in the old look)

What's new:

• The Logo (still white) is more simple surrounded by a rectangle of black.

• A front "frame" with the Logo Masthead on top (with "Imagine•Build•Play" and silhouettes of all the parts on the masthead). A Green Bar on the left, a Red Bar on the bottom and a Yellow Bar on the right.

• In the center of the "frame" is a large "Hero Build" (the Hero Build is a highlight of what you can build inside)

A nice thing about coming up with a new look for all the packages is that we're making the style guide as we go along.
More pictures of packages and other stuff in the next few days.

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