Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A heap of Vinyl-Flaming Fun!!

Yes, I admit it. I'm a fan of the 1970's Marvel Comic, Ghost Rider.
There was something really cool about those old Mike Ploog drawn books of Johnny Blaze's flaming skull alter ego. So when I heard of the upcoming Nicholas Cage film based on the character and saw through the trailers, that it didn't look sucky, I started searching to see if there'd be any cool toy-tie-ins.

Most what I've seen so far is your typical looking, straight forward action figures, BUT-

I saw this today on Sideshow Collectibles. A Ghost Rider VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll). Here's what they say about it:

Medicom Toy Corporation's VCD (Vinyl Collectible Doll) line continues with Ghost Rider, in true H8G super-deformed style! Johnny Blaze, superstar motorcycle stunt rider, struck a deal with Mephistopheles for the most precious of commodities - his immortal soul. Now he is forever destined to ride night after night as the host to the powerful supernatural entity known as the Ghost Rider!

Now that's a pretty cool looking item, and it's something I'd either consider buying or even asking for Christmas -
until I read this:

Your Price: US $59.99.

My price? I don't think so.
(and besides, it's only 5" tall!!!!!)
I mean, how much useless crap sitting around my house or office collecting dust, can I own?

Well, not $59.99 worth, anyway.
(and saying, in bright read type, that it's a Limited Edition, ain't gonna sway me .)

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