Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What-I've-Been-Working-On: A CANDY VEND CARD

It's Wednesday so it's time once again to present some of the artwork I've been working on.

As Creative Director for Concord Confections I handle a lot of various projects from day to day. Whether it's Bubble Gum packaging, Candy catalogs, Convention posters or new product ideas, the variety of work keeps the daily grind from getting dull.

This product is a Vending Machine Card. You know the machines you come across in the front of grocery stores? These Vend Cards (as they're called) sit in the front of the machine letting the consumer know what lies inside (as well as the ingredients of the product).

This is a revamp of an existing card for a product called Bonz. Bonz are colorful bone shaped candy made with a variety of fruit flavors. Here's a picture of the original card along with a photo of the actual product:

When I approached this revamp I wanted to make the dog more animated, more fun and to show as clearly as possible what the product looks like. Here's a shot of the new dog without the background:

And at the top of this blog is the new completed card and how it will look outside your local grocery store.

Looking back on this I probably should have colored the dog a little lighter, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with the manic look on his face and how it turned out overall. Our company produces a lot of bulk-vending candies and bubble gum so we have many, many vend cards to create. Perhaps I'll have some new cards in upcoming Wednesdays.

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