Saturday, May 28, 2005

Eddie Albert 1908 - 2005

On this Memorial Day weekend I just heard the sad news of the passing of actor Eddie Albert late yesterday. He was 97 (though there is a rumor that he was actually born in 1906 and his mother, who was single at the time, had his birth certificate changed, so he would have been 99).

Eddie starred in a variety of films, most noticeably as the comic sidekick in one of the best romantic comedies ever made, Roman Holiday, and as the villainous warden in the original The Longest Yard (Which is a bit ironic as talentless hack Adam Sandler trots out his remake in the theaters this weekend)

Aside from his film work though, to me he'll always be the exasperated city lawyer turned country farmer, Oliver Wendell Douglas, in the classic TV show, Green Acres.

Without a doubt, Green Acres was one of the funniest, original and unique television comedies of all time. If you've never seen the show or can barely remember it from your childhood do yourself a favor this weekend and rent ( or buy) one of the Green Acres DVD collections. Trust me, this was a show well before it's time that comic creators of today, like Matt Groening of The Simpsons fame are often quoted as saying that Green Acres was one of the few shows that inspired them in their career.

And besides, you'll be watching and laughing at the comic work of Eddie Albert, and what better way to celebrate the life of this fine actor.

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Anonymous said...

A very well-done tribute to one of the greats. Eddie Albert was top notch, whether in comedy or drama. Green Acres was one of the greatest shows of the '60s and is too often dismissed and/or overlooked.

One oversight in your listing of roles: who could forget Eddie as Jason in Escape From Witch Mountain and its sequel? That's where I first saw Eddie Albert at about 10 years of age in the late '70s.

Thanks for tipping the hat to a fellow too many have forgotten or don't give due credit too. -Gary P.