Thursday, May 19, 2005

Like the monkey over there says...

Though I'm not sure if anyone is left out there to read this.

I took a break for several reasons:

* I wanted to put as much free time I had to work on completing my new comic series.

* I've really gotten into my excersising, most specifically running.
(have now lost over 30 lbs. since January 1st) and with the nice weather have been outside more recently.

* I've been dating more lately, and that's taken some of my free time (which I might get into here... or not)

* But really, I wanted to put some direction in this blog. So starting Monday, May 23rd, along with any new and neat things I come across, The Baboon Bellows will have some daily features.

MONDAYS: Retro-Reviews: I've been going through some of my old magazines and comics recently (some to sell and some to file) and have reread a lot of these recently. It's been fun doing so and will present reviews of these books on Mondays. For some of you, it may bring back memories, for others it may make you want to look up these old books.

TUESDAYS: Movie/TV Reviews: With the summer season upon us and the crummy winter films gone, there'll be a lot of new movies to see and rant & rave about. So the "Bums Up" / "Bums Down" Baboon will be back. Also, I'm catching up to many of my favorite TV shows (via a multitude of VCR Tapes) and will opine about those to.
And as always, comments are welcome.

WEDNESDAYS: What I've Been Working On:
With my day job as Art Director at Concord Confections and my after hours comic and cartoon work, I wanted to start posting the work, to show what I've been doing and for any feedback.

THURSDAYS: Fresh Pretzels: On these days I'll be featuring new comics and comic strips from me and a lot of my fellow Philadelphia Cartoonists. Fresh Pretzels, Jeff Kilpatrick's feature, will continue this week.

FRIDAYS through SUNDAYS: Wild Card Weekends: Thought I'd use the weekends to post and blog about everything and anything. Most people seem to do their internet reading during the week, and spend the weekends *gasp* away from the computer. But for those who are at home, I hope to have some cool stuff up over these days.

In any event, I hope you'll bookmark and check in whenever you can. The countdown to the printing of my new 32 page comic series,Action Figure, is underway, and I'd like to build up as much publicity, specifically through this blog, for what I feel will be one of the best new ongoing comic series you could buy.

'Course, I could be a bit biased about that.

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