Friday, May 27, 2005

The Many Lives of Elektra

When Frank Miller created this red clad, sexy martial art assassin in the pages of Daredevil (circa early 1980's), who could have thought that over 20 years later, not only would the character still be around, but she would make it into the mainstream of America's Pop Culture?

Especially since she was killed not too long after she was introduced in the comics.
............. luckily for her, she got better.

Along with her many Comic appearances (see picture above) she's been sculpted for statues:

Become a Barbie Doll:

Was featured in her own big screen motion picture (though,as I said here, it wasn't worth seeing):

And now she has truly become a name character for the mass audience. She made today's Nancy comic strip.

Awwwwe, isn't that cute! Little Nancy is playing a hired assassin!
I guess next week Dennis the Menace will be pretending to be Wolverine!

"Hey Mister Wilson!"
*Snikt!* *Snikt!*

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