Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What-I've-Been-Working-On: ANOTHER CANDY VEND CARD

With the Memorial Day Holiday this week I'm switching the Baboon Bellows schedule a bit, today I'm showing another piece of artwork that I just finished for work.

Today's product is another Vending Machine Card (similar to the Bonz Vend Card I showed last week.)

This is a revamp of an existing card for a candy product called Ice Pops Candy. These are colorful fruit flavored candy shaped to look like popsicles. Here's a picture of the original card along with a photo of the actual product:

When I approached this revamp I decided to use a penguin as the character enjoying the candy. Because:
a) Everyone likes Penguins!
b) When possible, it's easier to use funny animals on candy & gum products, so you don't have to worry about the sex of the character, the skin color, etc... You'd be surprised how that can effect how the package is percieved by the consumer.

Here's the Penguin without the background:

This feature will return on it's regularly scheduled day, next Wednesday with more of my latest artwork.

1 comment:

Patch said...

Hey Rich,
These Candy Vending Cards look like alotta fun! I like the Bonz one alot, Penguin too. Seem like you're able to infuse some of yer comic and cartoon stuff at work. Very Kewl! Yer right about the whole "animals" instead of people thing, just look at the children's book market.