Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tis the season to see baboons...

It seems that every year that I'm scrambling about, for a decent idea for my annual customized Christmas Card. I'll usually kick around concepts and drawings, not be happy with any of them and finally come up with something I like, just days before the holiday! (and there's nothing more a printer likes to hear when you drop off artwork, "Uh... can I have this tomorrow?")

Well, not this year!!!

I actually liked the idea I came up with, while attending the SPX con in September, and finished the artwork this past weekend. It felt kind of weird, dropping off the artwork at the printers before the month of December, but I guess I was due to be early with the artwork (for at least once a decade, I guess.)

Since I'll be sending more cards out this year, as part of my promo work for Action Figure my new comic series, to comic shops and reviewers, I not only had to print hundreds of more cards but decided that a custom envelope would be appropriate.

I dropped off that artwork (along with the hundreds of blank envelopes) to the printers a few weeks ago and picked them up the other day.
Here's a close up of the Baboon Books logo in the upper left.

So who knows, if you're on my Christmas list, don't be surprised if you see this envelope in your mail box in the upcoming weeks.

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