Friday, November 18, 2005

Daily Single Panel Comics begin tomorrow!

Along with all the other projects I've been involved with I've been collecting artwork to publish in a book early next year, of all the artwork I did while at Hasbro. This will include Transformers, G.I. Joe, Cops n' Crooks and Battle Beasts (to name a few).

As I dig through old portfolios and boxes I came across a series of One Panel cartoons I did (probably about '86-'87) that I thought I could sell.

Well, I didn't. And looking back at it, the concept while interesting wasn't all that great.

But what the hell, why don't I let YOU be the judge! Beginning tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, I'll be posting one comic per day.
The One Panel strip was called No Pun Intended and was a one shot drawing that would depict a name of a celebrity.



Tune in tomorrow (and keep coming back each day) for the comics.

(and don't forget, the countdown is on to the debut of issue #1 of Action Figure; From the Journals of Richard Marzelak this January 2006........)

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