Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gerry Thomas, 1922-2005

With the recent deaths of actor James Doohan (most noted for his work as Scotty on the Star Trek TV series) and comic artist Jim Aparo (most known for his work on Bat Man and The Brave & the Bold) in the last two days it was easy for the passing of this man to slip through the cracks, but he probably had more of an impact on most Americans in the last 50 years.

Gerry Thomas is credited with inventing the Swanson TV Dinner!

Yes, those great foil encased Chicken Dinners with corn, mashed potatoes and a dessert!!

In 1952 Thomas was in Omaha working for the Swanson Co., when he designed an aluminum tray and coined the name for TV Dinner, a frozen meal that caught on as a convenience food during the early days of television.

More than 8.4 billion TV Dinners were sold long before the advent of microwaves and microwave frozen meals.

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